During the summer term of 2017 people with links to Geddington Village came and gave talks to the World War 1 Investigators during the afterschool “Geddington University” sessions.

Diane and Jo Green brought a stereoscope with pictures of the trenches and Diane told the story of her great grandfather’s horse who went off to war.

Mr Wootton shared the story of his relative Percy Ellacott who went off to war and his poem.

Jim Harker shared a whole file of research that he did on his relative Hugh Patrick which showed his services records from him signing up until the end of his service, it even showed his medal and war pension.

Katie Kirsop told the story of her relative and shared his letters and keepsakes that he managed to keep from the war.

There was also a talk from 3 historians: Alan Toseland, John Bennett and Melvyn Hopkins. They talked about their research, what it was like to be a historian and why they became historians. John Bennett also brought a gramophone  which he has from the time and played songs on it for the Investigators to hear.

In the autumn term, the students worked with Jack Harker to create information for the website. They researched the fallen soldiers’ stories on to build up a more detailed picture. Using information compiled by John Bennett and Melvyn Hopkins the Investigators were able to plot on a map where the soldiers were born and where they fell in battle. In some cases they were able to see where they were buried. The Investigators also created a timeline of important events in World War 1 for the world, the country and the village. They drew a series of cartoons depicting these events and working with Jack they created a timeline.