Welcome to our Project

The Geddington At War website is the outcome of a project very exciting but also, at times, deeply moving.

Through the project, children have had the opportunity to work original source documents and artefacts as they have looked back 100 years, to understand how WW1 effected people in our village. Geddington, like nearly every other community in the country lost so many of their youngest and their best. Our aim was to tell their story and to make sure that they are never forgotten.

I must thank all those who have helped us in this project, particularly who gave their time so generously. We are grateful to Anne-Marie for all that she has done and to everyone at Boughton House who has supported us throughout. Finally, thank you to Heritage Lottery Fund whose grant made it all possible.

Martin Adamson
Head Teacher



A message from Anne-Marie Sandos

These pages share research carried out by students of Geddington School. The subject was World War 1 and its effect on Geddington Village. Some students became World War 1 Investigators by learning how to record talks and carry out interviews with people. The Investigators also created the special map showing where local people were born and where they fell in battle and timeline for the website. The whole school also took part carrying out research, creating art and poems to commemorate villagers who lost their lives in World War 1. In partnership with Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust who manage Boughton House, the school was successfully awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create this website and a booklet.

The project culminated with a special presentation to the village during a memorial service. The whole school was involved. The video highlights can be viewed.